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Twenty years avenged in twenty days.

Kristo is a mashup of The Count of Monte Cristo, Bolshevik Russia and Solzhenitsyn, and features the stunning vision and craft of Alex Sheikman (Robotika, Dark Crystal), with colours by Kris Carter (Lou Scannon) and edits from Yannick Morin (Epic Kill).

When Aleksandr Sozlzhenitsyn, the Russian Nobel Laureate and dissident was only a baby, his father died in a hunting accident.P9middle


Then how do you explain the discovery of The Confession of Isaak Solzhenitsyn, written thirty years after his death?

It tells of how a Cossack officer was betrayed and incarcerated for twenty years by his three closest friends, how he assumed another man’s identity to escape and then took his final, bloody revenge.

Promising work from bright new talent‘ – David Lloyd.

The Count of Monte Cristo is masterfully retold in this excellent take on Stalin’s Russia‘ – Pat Mills, creator of 2000AD.

Brings a real freshness to the tale.” – Benjamin Dickson

A staggeringly professional and elegant story from a writer in his element. Cracking!” – Jon Lock


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Fair Fight

A Fair Fight was my introduction to the iconic art of Alex Sheikman. I wanted to catch his attention, so I took his dialogue-free finished art and wrote my own story into it. I’m pretty sure this version subverts the initial plot a little, but I’m more interested in what happens to semi-clad barbarians after the cleaving is done.

He liked it enough that we went on to collaborate on Kristo!