Twenty years avenged in twenty days.

The Count of Monte Cristo set in Soviet Russia, featuring the stunning vision and craft of Alex Sheikman (Robotika, Dark Crystal), with colours by Kris Carter (Lou Scannon) and script edits from Yannick Morin (Epic Kill).

When Aleksandr Sozlzhenitsyn, the Russian Nobel Laureate and dissident was only a baby, his father Isaak died in a hunting accident.


Then how do you explain the discovery of The Confession of Isaak Solzhenitsyn, written thirty years after his death?

It tells of how a Cossack officer was betrayed and incarcerated for twenty years by his three closest friends, how he assumed another man’s identity to escape and then took his final, bloody revenge.


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Silicon Heart Logo

Silicon Heart

Adopt a Post-human Today!

A graphic novel about love and prejudice, Silicon Heart is set thirty years from now, in the Welsh Valleys.

January is a bullied teenager who finds solace in the embrace of Synthetic Being Rho. Her friends and family are unready to accept this, but when January takes a stand against the prejudice of the law, no-one is prepared for what happens next…

Silicon Heart is being drawn by Kat Nicholson.

I am very grateful to Literature Wales, who have supported my work writing Silicon Heart with a generous bursary.

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Makeshift heroes led by Lucifer herself.

This is a world of stories about Lou and her friends, and a vehicle for exploring altruism within post-modernism. The style is similar to Firefly and Alphas, with engaging characters, snappy banter, plenty of gunplay and high heels.

You can read about Phosphorus in a five page teaser called The Bridge of Light. I’ve scripted four 22 page comics: Extremists and Carnival 1-3, and my long-term goal is to see them created, and then to continue the story to its final conclusion over another fifteen comics.

Art: Makeshift Heroes

Comic: The Bridge of Light


It’s not going so well for apprentice Crow. Her tribe lives in fear, her best friend is dying, and her mentor isn’t letting up over that tiny slip with the fusion reactor. She wonders if life might be better if only folk learned to read…

It’s not going so well for pod trooper Woolf. One stasis tour from retirement the alarm clock never went off and she slept through the end of the world. Now she’s far in the future, low on ammo, and really, really ticked off…

Let the blood flow.

A new vision of Beowulf, set in a future dark age, with art from Alex Sheikman. ETA 2016.

Out of Sight, Out of MindOOSOOM2

An Essex cop, aliens abducting the mentally ill, and Care in the Community.

With art from Lee Smart,  it is the opening story in the Metaverse comic anthology.

Metaverse Facebook page:

A Fair FightFF1

What happens to improbably-clad barbarian swordspeople once they’re married with children?

A five page script written after talented Alex Sheikman had drawn the images! Revisionist? A little…

Comic: A Fair Fight

Saturn’s Well I & II

Ellie cares for her Nobel Laureate father, but misses out on her own prize.

Burned out journalist John makes Ellie’s father’s dementia into headline news.

I wanted to write something that had no angels, spaceships or swords. It’s two eight page scripts, a slice of life story about a family struggling to cope with dementia, and how fate doesn’t care whether you’ve won an award or not.

HaloTVAngel Academy

We don’t call ourselves Angels any more. We prefer Destiny Protection Officers.

Halo TV follows the Seraphim as they investigate a Gehenna Incursion brought about by the world’s dullest man.

Andy Wright is working on this short story.


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