comicmeSam Roads is a writer, entrepreneur, musician and game designer, based in Cardiff, UK. He trained as a composer at UWCC, joint owns five businesses, and has won two international Origins awards for game development. He lives with wife Lizz.

In 1994 he founded Harlequin Games, a play-by-mail business which currently owns and moderates Legends, a game for 60 players, that lasts for years and has a 400 page rulebook! In 2011 Harlequin Games won the Game Manufacturers’ Association Best New Play-By-Mail Game ‘Origins’ award for Legends: The One Ring.

In 1998 he founded M.E. Games Ltd., and in 2004 Game Systems International Ltd., which respectively moderate and own the game Middle-earth Play By Mail, which itself is in the Game Manufacturers’ Association Hall of Fame. In 2003 the game won the Game Manufacturers’ Association Gamer’s Choice award for Play-By-Mail.

Throughout the 90s he sang and played bass in Pontypridd-based Crystal Eyes, including appearances on Heno and Owen Money.

In 2007, he was a founder of Microcosm Games, Wales’ premier Facebook developer, where he currently works as Creative Director.

In 2009 he spent four years as a volunteer at Cardiff and District Samaritans, an experience he describes as ‘life changing’.

In 2014 he became editor of Creative Screenwriting magazine, “The Best Magazine for Screenwriters” according to the Washington Post and the LA Times.

In the last couple of years he has turned to writing graphic novels, with Pat Mills (creator of 2000AD) describing his work as “masterful”. His first, Kristo, came out in March, whilst Silicon Heart (part funded by a bursary from Literature Wales) issue is due in April 2015.

My goal is to gently change the world by writing stories about difficult issues, but to obscure the chilli taste of social commentary in a tasty tortilla wrap of humour and action.

You won’t find any spandex, nor protagonists describing their actions in the third person. You will find stories about diversity, mental illness, religion, politics, post-modern altruism and baby polar bears.*

*No actual baby polar bears. Sorry.


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