The Protagonists of Phosphorus

My name is Harriet Shen, formerly of Hong Kong Police department, now working with Scotland Yard as cultural liaison, with Equivalent Jurisdiction. It’s far from clear to me exactly what all of this is about, but I’m sure there is a rational explanation. Please move along.

Sir or is it Ma’am? I find it kinda hard to tell with today’s modern clothing. Anyhow. My name is Kurt Barker and I am pleased to make your acquaintance. It don’t make me no never-mind, but keep your hands out of your pockets and don’t make no sudden movements, or I’ll have to introduce your head to a wall real sudden like.

I’ve never met you before. I’m Jack. I can beat all fifty levels of Dino Derby but I score zero stars out of five in a National Catastrophe. You shouldn’t be talking to me.

Get the hell out of my face. Stop bloody looking at me and find some other place to be.